Welcome to the District

Some kids play piano. Some kids make hook shots.
Some create darkness . . . or teleport . . . or fly.
Damon has what other kids want: a power. Ordinary kids–Ords–have what he wants: freedom.
If he joins a “special club,” he can use his powers more freely. But getting into a club isn’t easy, and joining one is just the beginning.

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    Meet the Author - Greg Gildersleeve


    Greg Gildersleeve grew up in the northwestern corner of Missouri, where comic books caught his eye at a young age. Flash forward x-number of years. Greg has published a comic book, GOLD DUST (2005), a novel, THE POWER CLUB (2013), and a novella, FALSE ALARM (2015), which shows what a lifetime of reading comics (or reading anything) will do to you. In addition to writing, Greg teaches full time at an online university. Greg Gildersleeve won the 2013 Publication Award at Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS, where he teaches writing. His work has appeared in Show & Tell, Teenagers From the Future, and Faculty Focus. He lives in the KC area, where he hangs around too many coffee shops, listens to classic and modern rock, and daydreams a lot.

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    False Alarm - A Power Club Novella

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    Denise sees the future. She doesn't want to. In fact, she doesn't want a power at all. Kids with powers can't leave the district, and Denise loves exploring the city, even is she can do so from the window of her school bus. But there are field trips and friends who are, well, normal...not pests like her super-fast brother.

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    The Power Club

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    Damon lives in the district, where kids can use their power freely only if they join special clubs. But getting into such a club isn't easy. First, his power must be good enough to get in. Then he has to obey their rules. Then he learns that the district allows club members to do anything they want...except be heroes. Damon wants to be a hero anyway.

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    The Semi Great Gildersleeve

    Writing, super-heroes, and this 'n' that
  • May 2005 - ...

    Gold Dust

5 Star Reviews

“power-packed positive message”
Ken Hursh

False Alarm.

This prequel to the Power Club series shows through the eyes of young Denise the trouble of being a child superhero. Denise’s power, which she suspects is growing within her, will alienate her from her “normal” friends, but could also save many lives. To be normal, or to accept that you are not? Such is the engaging theme of Gildersleeve’s novella, a wonderful coping life lesson for kids–even non-superhero kids–who are bound to feel like outsiders in their own world at one point or another. Being different isn’t bad, it’s just a part of growing up. Read it to your tweener!

Dennis Young

Power Club

A good beginning to what could become a franchise very quickly; this coming of age story about a group of very special kids, and Damon in particular, The Power Club is a book we can all identify with in so many ways. Let’s face it; we all grew up with typical teen angst, but here are kids who not only have to grow up, but learn about how to harness, and finally control, special abilities; abilities that frighten the “Norms” to the point their entire families must be placed in “The District” for the perceived safety of “others”.

Lorna Dempster

False Alarm

There’s a thoughtful message in this book, which I thought perfectly reflected that moment when a child reaches the age when they recognize that actions have influence. Denise realizes she has the power to change the world, and must choose between what is best and what is best for her. Beautifully written, the story captures the reader and engages them to separate fact from fiction as they face the fears Denise has about her predicament. It is both exciting and comforting; a quick read with a message that lingers long afterwards.

Greg’s latest Novels

The Power Club – This story follows the journey of Damon who looks like an ordinary kid…but he’s not. He has one thing ordinary kids do not: a power.
False Alarm – This prequel to THE POWER CLUB takes Denise on a journey to discover who she truly is and the fateful consequences of what she can do.



Story by Greg Gildersleeve, illustrated by artists Mike Sullivan and Peter Cutler.